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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 26, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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becomes available. 680 on the sunole grade, that traffic is moving a long nicely, it is 5:57 let's go back to the desk. police are investigate that deadly hit-and-run and we will have more on that. we have a new immigration controversy, what federal authorities are doing with retain niece just to save -- retains just to save money.$♪$>>. >> authorities swarmed in with an arrest warrant, we will have details coming up. temperatures continue to warm up and we will have your forecasted highs in two minutes.
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. good morning. overnight an intense standoff came to an end, the reason fbi is still involved. and an intense search off the coast for a family of four, why the coast guard remains hopeful they can be found alive. we willalso they are still
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digging out from last night's storms in certain parts of the down tri. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, february 26th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, we go to steve first, are you all set for the weather? greatest know fall ever in amarillo. it happens now and then, kansas city has flight delays. what is going on in the west coast, high pressure is deflecting everything to the north, 30s and 40s will give way to mid-60s for some, here is sal. we have a hit-and-run and actually we will start with this first. i'm sorry this is northbound 880 in oakland there is an
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injury accident some somewhere embarcadero and broadway and you can see the backup is already building here in oakland northbound. this is a big problem for the nimitz freeway northbound and traffic is building. now let's talk about the hit- and-run in san jose, somebody died as a result of being hit by a car and the car sped away and police are not releasing any details except that it was a dark car they are looking for and we will bring you the latest as soon as they are set up and ready to go. we have developing news from oakland, the fbi is busy helping police in a major homicide investigation. they are questioning for than a dozen suspects with a standoff that ended hours ago. it started yesterday afternoon. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a house on
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88th avenue. several streets were shut down and police moved in. one neighbor tells us her son is among those being questioned in connection with a reason homicide. >> i am angry and mad as hell. it is not cool the way they do this. >> reporter: tara moriarty has -- >> tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30 a.m. and she will have more on the standoff and investigation coming up in the next half hour. a search is underway for a family that may have gone missing from an unidentified boat. they are in the area west of monterey and alex savage has more on this mystery, alex? >> reporter: yes, and there are certainly a lot of unknowns and we hope to find out more as we move throughout the day. the coast guard will have an update on this massive search probably about an hour from now and we do know the search
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continued throughout the night and everything is being coordinated here on the island. i spoke with a spokesperson for the coast guard a short time ago who told me they had four aircraft flying overnight and two cutters in the water as well. they are trying to find any sign of those four missing boaters, a husband, a wife, their four-year-old son and that boy's cousin. the family was aboard a sailboat that reportedly started taking on water late sunday, 65 miles off the coast. they received a mayday call from the boat named charm blow. that caller said they were going to try to fashion a raft out of coolers because there was no life raft on board the boat. they were trying to figure out exactly where this boat was coming from or going to and
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they don't know who was on board. also there were no reports of a missing boat and the coast guard has not been able to trace a boat named charm blow and now the coast guard plans to check for a boat by that name in canada and seattle and hawaii still they don't believe this is a hoax. >> there is a lot of elements which lend credibility to the fact that there are people out there. there are four people in distress and that's why we are throwing all of these assets at it. >> reporter: a lot of resources are involved. the navy sent in a plane to help out and the national guard has sent in a helicopter as well. crews are looking. >> through hundreds of miles of ocean and they are throwing out life crafts to give them a
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chance to survive. we do expect an update after 7:00 a.m. and we will of course let you know if there are any changes in this church. live on the island, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a park in gilroy has been turned into a playground for drug dealers and they have turned up enforcement. we will find out why this park is getting so much concern, janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: there is a problem in the area regardless police say they have monitored it overnight and they are also going to do patrols throughout the day and they have gotten complaints from people saying transients and criminal activity is going on here. this is one of the men police have arrested in the last few days. richard st. cloud was arrested for selling marijuana and police are concerned because
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the park is located across the street from brown well middle academy. one man was selling drugs out of his car in plain view of the children. the number of people drunking alcohol in the park has also increased and police are stepping up enforcement. >> it concerns me but does not surprise me. i don't know what kind of drug use they are talking about but people do drugs in gilroy just like anybody place else. >> reporter: police do not want them to think offenders can be playing at the park or at the school. the anticrime team said they will continue focusing on deterring criminal activity here and again this is a middle class neighborhood located in the older part of town and it is not known for gang or criminal activity and that's why police are so concerned about it. we are still waiting to hear
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details from police as far as what type of drugs are being sold here, what type of day this is happening and what type of middle school and they hope to speak to parents and middle school kids to get their take on what is going on here. new this morning, the federal government has released detainees as a way to save money. a spokesperson for customs is going to make sure they stay within budgets. it comes ahead of independenting -- impending cuts and they say they will still pursue cases. they are meeting to discuss overalling immigration laws. they will sit down with john
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mccain and lindsay graham. they are working on a plan for immigration reform. facebook wants to build an office and forest across from 101 from its original campus in menlo park. there are plans for a 73-foot tower and they are talking about how many trees could be cut down to make room for this development and the plan has to be approved by the full city council. we are going to have a live report coming from the scene and this accident on monterey highway and we will tell you about that in just a moment but we have another headline and that would be northbound 880 in oakland and there is a crash blocking lanes and it is going to be a problem for the oakland commute. it is northbound before 880 and
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oak street and the backup will be to the curb near the brick wall and unfortunately even when the accident is cleared it will be causing a big slow down at least for another hour. i also want you to know it is coming in about 5 to 10 minutes. most of the freeways are looking good as pam said near the highway they are clearing a fatal hit-and-run and they are looking for somebody right now they have a reporter on the scene, a woman was killed on the street while crossing near monterey avenue and bellevue and we will have a live report coming from the scene. napa airport 38 degrees, southeast breeze at 6 and puts the windchill at 24, sunny and warmer today after we get
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cranked up, high clouds will not amount to anything. around the 6th i mean you are getting what we term a fantasy land. weak systems continue to move across and they really just fall apart so except for high clouds, there is not much going on except for a few high patches of fog. it is right where you should be on the high side overall it will not matter. temperatures continue to warm up and they absolutely fall apart, they drive up to the north and really there is not much. santa rosa 38, livermore 36, 39 and i have seen some upper 30s. a little southeast at napa, for
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us sunny today, except for a few high clouds, temperatures continue to warm up, and we go to above if not tomorrow, thursday into friday. mid-60s, 67 in brentwood, 63 mountain view, redwood city 65. a few clouds on thursday, but it does not matter, we say hello with the temperatures. a great storm in the great plains is barreling into the midwest. look outside amarillo texas, this is yesterday. they had hurricane force winds and 17-inch happens of snow on the ground trapped drivers on the highway for more than nine hours. >> we declared a state of emergency for kansas city missouri and we tried to give
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as much notice as possible for that potentiality. >> reporter: forecasters say the storm will hit the upper midwest next and they will have more before it moves. water is trickling down from the sierra. and more information from a police officer, we have more on the stun being way loved ones found out their loved ones had been killed. we have more on the impact this could have on bay area jobs, next in a live report.
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. welcome back, time now 6:16, they just announced a report about a decline in taliban attacks last year and they are calling the mistake a clerical error. the military is now preparing to release the correct number and it should show there was no drop in attacks. and they are marking the 20th anniversary of the first terrorist attack on the world trade center and the city will honor the several people who
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died in the 1993 bombing beneath one of the twin towers. more than a thousand people were hurt. now the ceremony is being held at the 9/11 memorial honoring the several people who died in 2001, the attack that brought down the world trade center towers. they are disagreeing on a long term spending strategy and now automatic cuts are just a few days away. these cuts are expected to hurt the bay area economy, kyla campbell? >> reporter: we have learned how it would affect the airport and along the border with mexico and they now they warn same problems could be wading in the -- waiting in the water. there will be less security acts putting job -- agents
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putting jobs at risk. >> you slow down the global economy the trade that comes into the country and leaves the country and that trade hurts lots and lots of jobs. >> reporter: she said it would hurt border security and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano said it would lead to border security between mexico and california. you should expect to wait longer at security lines but obama administration is telling us there is a bigger threat, terrorists and that's coming up next in my next update on ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is a shooting rampage they are talking about from christopher dorner. they were gunned down in the parking garage on february 3rd. newly released documents show her father, a retired lapd captain was worried after
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seeing news reports called police. he said his daughter lives near the shooting scene and was worried about his daughter. time now 6:18, funeral services are planned for san franciscoee 49ers director, he spend more than 08 years and died at the age of 9 -- 80 years and died at the age of 92. they are predicting more water problems ahead for some farmers. they had one of the dryest combined januaries. the water supplies in the tell the it region are protecting fish and farmers are getting a lot less water than they requested. they will get a first look
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at a development plan for a five acre parcel. they used to house and store city owned vehicles. they plan to build new stores in the area and possibly a new city park. sal says there is now major stuff going on in oakland. northbound 880 in oak street a garbage truck and three other cars, i want to put it on the map, 880 is quickly becoming a mess, 580 is the alternate root. it is -- route. it is just a mess driving to downtown oakland and we advice you not to drive into downtown oakland, use 580 if you are only going a short distance just to avoid the freeway. there is no reason for you to
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use the freeway again 580 is your best bet and bart is doing well right now. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and that's backed up for 15 to 20 minutes before you get into san francisco. let's go to steve. thank you, sal, a beautiful morning a few high clouds, not a big deal. temperatures are cool to cold and we have windchills at 24 degrees and it is high pressure winning out again and it is large and in charge and let's face it, it has been here for a long time. 30 in napa, 38 in san rafael, 36 in kentfield, 65 yesterday, san francisco was 58 yesterday,
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concord, 2 and 61 to 64 degrees. cool to cold lows but everything is inches upwards on the high temperatures and we are getting to a few mid-to- upper 60s if not tomorrow it will be thursday and friday. everything continues to ride up and over that ridge of high pressure and it's going east. 67 santa rosa, 65 in oakland. lots of sunshine even warmer on thursday. no big deal 70s on the high temperatures and weekend is a little cooler but still nice. there is a push to legalize it in california and it may still be on the ballot. a new push to see the next san francisco supervisor is a
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. good morning, we have a major accident on 880 northbound and the only good news is it was minor. a garbage truck and a couple of other vehicles tied it up and traffic is backing up quickly
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on 880. northbound 808 and now -- 880 now the best thing is to use the alternate, 580 and it's not all that bad and it gets worse as you drive towards the bridge. let's go to pam. there is a push underway to appoint a mom to the point much supervisors. now it became available last month. that was after mayor ed lee appointed supervisor and currently there are no mothers on the board of supervisors. >> so far mayor ed lee has not indicated who he is considering for the position but he appreciates the request to appoint a mother but his focus is to find the best overall
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person for the job. >> california hemp initiative is to about to launch a signature campaign. they are about to collect signatures to get their measure on the 2014 ballot and an election during the 2016 year. let's go to steve and take a look at the weather. >> cool for some, cool for others, a little bit of a breeze, full moon was yesterday, still very strong and bright in the sky, clear skies, except for a few high clouds and highs continue to warm up a few upper 60s, dave? we are following developing news from san jose, one person is dead, police are out there searching after a hit-and-run crash. plus we have new details about this, a deadly hot air balloon in egypt last night and we just
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got information from the hospital. the fbi and police zero in on a home in east oakland and we will tell you why they have targeted that home and what we learned about their arrest. plus, we are watching wall street, we will take you live to the opening bell, next
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as we ring in the opening bell live in new york, good to report single family home prices are making the biggest gain in more than six years. the housing market is recovering a bit and that's good news and also home depot is doing well and futures indicate a good opening on that news. >> we will smile and say good
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morning to you thank you for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 morning news, tuesday pam, it is february 26th. we are following breaking news in san jose where the search is on for a hit-and-run suspect which happened in the area of monterey and bellevue avenue. brian flores is at the scene with what police are looking for, brian? >> reporter: hello, pam, we just got here a few minutes ago and as you can see behind me, still road markings from the investigation and san jose police left about 15 minutes ago concluding their 5.5 hour investigation into this deadly hit-and-run as a woman was killed while crossing the street. police say the female victim was krausing the street after 1:00 a.m. when a driver with a dark
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vehicle struck the woman and the driver did not stop and continued southbound on monterey. in the meantime the woman was taken to monterey hospital and she died an hour after the collision. police have not provided any description or identity of the victim. we have several phone calls coming into san jose police and we have a couple of eyewitnesses and as soon as we get more information on what the car description was and what the driver may have looked like we will definitely pass that along. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the fbi are now helping in a major homicide investigation. that investigation follows a marathon standoff which ended early this morning. tara moriarty is here and we have new information, so what do you know? >> reporter: well we spoke to
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the watch commander and they zeroed in on this home because they believed a man from a homicide was there. more than a dozen were there and head to detain all of them and we know at least two were arrested. the inn sketch search happened at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. >> we spoke with one woman whose 16-year-old son was being questioned. >> i am angry and mad as hell. >> it's just not cool the way they do this. >> reporter: we saw police shoot bean bags into the home and they sent a robot inside to see if anybody was there. detectives questioned three people we saw and items were
6:36 am
removed and we don't know what those items were since police are remaining tight-lipped about the investigation. we mentioned police are looking for a particular suspect from that homicide and we don't know if that person was one of the ones detained or if police are looking for that investigation. we will update you as soon as more information becomes available. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> a lot going on this morning and some breaking news in traffic, an injury motorcycle crash in fremont, sal? that is right, this crash was spotted by news chopper 2 and we found this crash and the motorcyclist has been put into the paramedic vehicle but the bike is still in the left lane and two left lanes are blocked in fremont near maury avenue. i want to look at the backup, it is just a big mess. the carpool lane has been taken away and traffic is quickly
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backing up into hayward. news chopper 2 is showing the backup and it is going to take awhile for this to unwind and we also have trouble on the nimitz freeway. look at all of this traffic, it is at a standstill in hayward heading south. the other problem is 880 in oakland and they just recently cleared a garbage truck accident. it was minor injuries there only but traffic is backed up towards the coliseum. i want to show it to you and they have maps just north of the coliseum. that will be a pretty good alternate root for you -- route for you. 880 -- 80 westbound between panola aneurysm month are -- until and richmond are seeing a backup, let's go to steve.
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a splendid morning sky, cool for some, warm and sunny for others, a few high clouds hardly worth mentioning. the next rain comes march 6th but it does not look that impressive to me. steve is asking me why this is going on and i am more than happy to discuss this with you and i will give you my 2 cents worth. it is just the cycle we are in. look at what is going on in the middle of the country. whopper of a system. napa is at the airport southeast winds at 6 and windchills are 24. lots of mid-40s near antioch and pittsburgh. santa rosa is held up by a little bit of a breeze, kentfield 38, san francisco 44.
6:39 am
some mid-30s closer to palo alto and woodside. the city was 58 yesterday and we will go 60s today starting off at 46 degrees and each day is a little bit warmer but temperatures are right where they should be. patchy skies a patch of fog here and there and this pattern is here for a while. even warmer temperatures as we go to the end of february and the first of march is in for a variety. we have a strong active pattern is going up and over. 60s for many, pushing a few upper 60s and we saw a few upper projections for 68 and that's for tomorrow and it looks sunny and warmer for thursday and friday, cooler saturday and sunday. we have an update from egypt about a deadly air balloon, they have now confirmed 19 people have died in that air balloon crash.
6:40 am
at first they said three people survived and were rushed to hospital and one of those survivors has now died. the crash happened near the ancient city of luckser. there was an explosion on that hot air balloon before it crashed to the ground. it is one of the worst accidents involving tourists in egypt. a search goes on and they have not heard from the two since january 25th and the last posting they made on facebook, the couple said they were going to peru. they told the u.s. embassy witnesses saw the couple on february 16th in a foreign town and they wanted to go on a boat trip in the amazon. and a search is on for a family that told the coast guard they were abandoning ship. they are believed to have gone
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missing 65 miles west of monterey. sal legs savage -- alex savage has more on the clues they are using to find this missing family. >> reporter: well there is a lot for the coast guard to sort out. so far nobody has reported them missing and the search continued throughout the night and everything is coordinated here from the island. they had boats in the water and now more help is on the way. we want to show you some video which came in just a short time ago. a coast guard aircraft took off from sacramento and this plane is headed to the search area to take part in the search for the family of missing boaters. they are trying to find any signs of this husband, wife and four-year-old son and that little boy's cousin. the sailboat reportedly started
6:42 am
sinking 65 miles off the coast. the coast guard received a mayday call from a boat called charm blow and they are hoping somebody recognizes the voice. >> we are abandoning ship, we are abandoning ship. >> reporter: now the caller said they were going to try to fashion a raft out of coolers because there was no life raft on the boat. they don't know exactly who was on board the boat. there are no reports of a missing boat and the coast guard has checked with harbors and they will check with half portions as well as canada and hawaii and seattle and they have not found a record of any boats called charm blow. they don't believe this is any sort of a hoax and they believe this is a legitimate distress
6:43 am
call and the search will continue and we expect an update from the coast guard in about a half hour from now. live on the island, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the former archbishop is heading to the vatican. what he said he will be looking for when he selects the next pope. we are at a park that has become a hotbed for criminal activity. we will tell you what police are doing because it's right across the street from a school. they are just now clearing and they are watching a live look at the paramedics taking the subject away.
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. good morning, cold for some, not too bad for others, but everyone gets sunshine and temperatures continue to warm up. a few mid-50s to upper 50s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. police are searching for a deadly hit-and-run car. it happened at 1:00 a.m. near monterey road and bellevue avenue. police say a woman was crossing the street when she was hit by
6:47 am
a car and the car sped away. they are helping police in a major oakland homicide investigation. they made two arrests after a marathon standoff which happened hours ago this morning. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the house which shut down surrounding streets. across the board federal spending cuts are due to take affect, and that's unless congress and the white house agree on a way to cut the federal deficit. president barack obama is going to a shipyard in virginia and they will be talking about how they are hurting the u.s. economy. they found reason drug related arrests which is popular with children. janine de la vega spoke with somebody near the park. jeanine? >> reporter: i spoke to a woman who lives across the street and she said she stopped taking her kids to the park because of the
6:48 am
homeless people and the drug activity. now the bathroom, she observed people doing drugs in that bathroom and it doesn't make sense because it is a middle- class neighborhood and located in an older part of the town and it's not really known for crime and the only problems are here at the park. in the last few days, gilroy police have arrested several people for using drugs in the park and many people have been cited for drinking alcohol and there is growing concern because the park is across the street from brown well middle school. they are doing enforcement at the park because officers do not want offenders to think they can do what they want in plain view of the children. parents say this is long overdue. >> it seems like the park makes it really bad and there is a lot of stuff and we have had a lot of incidents with homeless
6:49 am
people like trying to come in our house and stuff and it is really bad, we have called the cops a bunch of times and we are wondering why they don't ban it. >> reporter: so far they have arrested richard st. cloud in the park and one of the other people they arrested was a convicted felon and he was selling drugs out of his car at the park. police say they expect to have more special enforcement operations here in the coming weeks and back out here live, we have been here since about 5:00 a.m. this morning and the park has been empty. we have not noticed any strand yens -- transients hanging out in the area or anything that a period shady and we hope to hear back from police about what sort of drugs were being sold here what time of day happened and school is expected to start in the next couple of hours across the street from the park and we also hope to
6:50 am
get a perspective from cool so -- perspectives -- perspective from school officials. they will leave for the vatican to help choose the next pope. he will be among the replacements and he talked about some of the qualities he will be looking for in the next pope. it is helpful for a pope to have some languagabilities because he is dealing with so many people from different parts of the world and at least facility in the major languages is helpful. >> he hopes to start it before the -- they hope to pick the next pope before the start of holy week. pope benedict xvi will continue to wear white and when he steps
6:51 am
counsel be the first to do so in hundreds of years. they are due to vote in moving ahead with the confirmation of senator chuck hagel. after stalling the nomination for 12 days, late last night they said they would stop delaying the vote. if he is elected, he will replace leon panetta just days before massive cuts are due to hit the pentagon. the building is at peer 27 and it will be the america's cup headquarters starting next month. this $90 million project will include arrays village, -- a race village and a place to dock all starting next year and ribbon cutting is set for early this morning. >> there are problems with the commute you should be aware of. and also the motorcycle crash
6:52 am
is causing a big backup? they are showing us a huge backup which has resulted in the two lanes being closed for a while and southbound is backed up out of hayward, the accident was near stevenson and the traffic is slow so if you are driving into the area you need to give yourself extra time and just getting onto the freeway you notice it's much more tight. again the lanes have been reopened and the two left lanes were closed near stevenson because of this crash and all lanes are open now but traffic is slow. let's look at the 880 westbound and you can see some traffic, also 880 northbound because of an earlier crash which is now gone, traffic is backed up and it is beginning to clear up and 580 is not all that bad as you drive over to the bay bridge. i want to show you the bay bridge, it is backed up for
6:53 am
about a 25 minute delay at the toll plaza, let's go to steve. clear skies, cold for some, not too bad for others, mainly east bay hills, showing a direction of north, northeast. concord 63 to 65 and san jose, these are really about where we should be on the high side. 65 and 67 and we have gone from way below to average and clear skies and again high pressure is simply locked in. it is subtle here today and tomorrow and thursday and friday, i think you will definitely notice it. the ridge of high pressure is going to get stronger. it has been hanging on here since the beginning of the year. 30s and 40s, enough of a breeze, others are much colder
6:54 am
and it puts a windchill at 44. i have seen some mid-to-uppers. clear skies, cool to cold, sunshine maybe a few high clouds, it is just a system and a not left. a couple of clear skies and they have no trouble warming up and it's getting warmer thursday and friday, sunday it is a little cooler. this will help wake you up, this has nothing to do with rising oil prices and we will tell you where that money will be going. a close call for seniors living in a senior care facility and firefighters were called in to get these people to safety.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news a live look at the big bored, dow jones industrial average after a loss, but good news on housing and home depot is up on good earnings this morning. an rising are you group -- advisory group met with hp's chairman for two hours yesterday and now they are encouraging investors to vote
6:58 am
out the two longest standing board members. change to win is also urging them to drop their current editor. they are talking about the so called bound and gag murder case. they are charged with calling man found tied -- killing a man found tied up bound and gagged in december along with a woman who was seriously hurt. prosecutors have not revealed a possible motive but they stress the defendants and victims all knew each other and this was not a random crime. they have been pushed to a new location by for are you place. it was a challenge to get the residents out of the home since they were bedridden or in
6:59 am
wheelchairs. five were treated for smoke inhalation and one is still in the hospital this morning. today state leaders will consider increasing the excise tax by 3.5 cents per gallon and that's according to state federal and local sales taxes. they are using it for road maintenance and bridge repairs. sal has a lot of stuff to tell you, this has been a crazy commute. as a matter of fact we have two separate things in oakland. one is fremont hayward. let's take a look at news chopper 2, all the way to fremont, very slow, they are flying to oakland and here is a look at the residual in 880 downtown oakland so they have you going very slow traffic, bay


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